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What is an oversized single front door?

As you might expect, an oversized single front door is one that takes up more space than a regular design. In some cases, they can be much bigger. Forget the discreet entrance this is all about making an impact.

The oversized single front door has many of the benefits of the more traditional double front door and is definitely just as bold and luxurious. The oversized single front door makes a fantastic architectural statement for your home and just like double doors it can be a stunning stand out feature whether you live in a modest semi or a baronial mansion.

One reason the oversized single front door works for most properties is that you actually don’t need a bigger door to achieve the look. In fact, there are several ways you can create the illusion of having a larger entrance. One way to create that oversized feel for example, is by installing a standard sized single door then add sidelights and transoms which will make the doorway seem much more generous. Not only that but the sidelights and transom will bring in more light, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Why choose an oversized single front door?

The front door a much-underestimated external feature. Indeed, while we may be adventurous when it comes to our living spaces kitchens, bedrooms, and loft conversions many of us stick to traditional style front doors.

This can be a wasted opportunity if you wish to create the wow factor in a property as front doors are not only a practical way to enter and exit a home they can be a stunning architectural focal point. The front door is central to the overall feel and look of your home’s exterior, it can add drama, balance out other aspects such as windows, porches, and pillars and enhance your home security. An oversized single front door will certainly ramp up the kerb appeal of your property and give it a more imposing look. A double, single front door can be ultra-modern, or be designed to complement a more traditional home. It can be solid, or feature glass that lets plenty of light flood into your hallway.

Should I buy an oversized single front door?

If you want a door that looks impressive, can give you more space for manoeuvring furniture and other bulky items inside and outside and brings balance to the frontage of the building then you might want to invest in this type of door. It probably isn’t for the budget conscious but if you want to make your property one that’s the envy of neighbours and visitors then this could be a choice that is well worth the extra cost.

For the most unique and boldest looks then single oversized front doors with beautiful wrought iron features can make a striking impact. Why not take a look at our ranges of stunning wrought iron doors, and start planning your very own bespoke oversized single front door right now.


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