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How to choose the best luxury front door

When changing out the front door to your home, you might want to look past what’s only simple and functional. You might instead want to reach for something more stand-out; something luxurious.

But what makes the best front doors luxurious, and where do you begin choosing? Let’s take a closer look at the art of choosing the right luxury front door for you and your home.

What features make a front door luxurious?

A luxury front door is something more stylish and intriguing than the standard doors you see on the majority of homes you might pass in the street. It speaks of greater effort, more of an artistic eye in the design, and a refined sense of taste in its owner.

In a word, a luxurious front door should look decadent and expensive—something that not just anybody can attain.

Some features that can make a front door look luxurious include:

  • A unique, novel, or bespoke design that makes it stand out.
  • Detailed and artistic embellishments like the scrollwork common on iron doors.
  • Textured glass panes that grant privacy whilst allowing in light.
  • A premium finish to the door itself and good weatherproofing to protect it from the elements for a long time.

Ultimately, luxury front doors look great. They impress, make a statement, and elevate the home to which they’re attached.

What is the best material for a luxury front door?

This is a question that depends on the home in question, and how much the aesthetics of the home suit metal as opposed to wood, or a dark colour over a lighter one.

Many luxury front doors use materials that are less commonly seen and not as easy to fabricate en masse. Doors like those made of uPVC are fairly uniform in design and are often made of stark white plastic. Functional though they are, white plastic is not the material one thinks of when going for luxury.

In terms of uniqueness, finish, and prestige, it’s hard to beat metal doors. Metal is renowned for being tough and durable, and is not commonly thought of as a cheap or disposable material. It’s secure, premium, and provides fantastic insulation when a thermal break is designed into the door made from it.

In many ways, metal is the best material for a front door.

What is the best size of luxury front door?

A luxury front door should be as big as it needs to be. Some houses may not only benefit from a double front door style, but may actually demand it—a diminutive single door on a large or wide housefront can appear drowned out by the architecture and might even look silly.

A front door only really needs to be large enough to let guests in without them having to squeeze their shoulders in and duck their heads. However, for a luxury front door, you might opt to go larger for added ‘wow’ factor and make use of available space, as well as show off your bespoke door design in all its glory.

What is the best colour for a luxury front door?

A luxury front door should elevate the whole home, and as such you likely want to choose a colour that complements the colours featured on—and in—your home.

Darker colours can have a calming effect and make your door look contemporary and sleek. Brighter colours are more energetic and may be seen as more playful, which may suit a vibrant family home as opposed to a mature, more sombre colour pallet.

The best kind of colour for your front door will boil down to:

  • The mood and architecture of your home.
  • The other colours in, on, and around your home—don’t forget the colours used on cars, garages, and summer houses.
  • The kind of environment your home is situated in.

How to find your luxury front door

Do you need help finding the perfect luxury front door for your home?

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