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How can I make my front door more attractive?

Front doors are a key design feature, and a great way to ramp up the kerb appeal of your home but do we really make the most of them?

An already beautiful entrance can be made even more attractive if you give it a bit of thought, so here are a few front door summer decorating ideas which we hope will inspire you.


Front door summer décor ideas

  1. Hang a wreath

Wreaths on doors are very much part of the Christmas decorating tradition but they are gaining traction as a year round thing. There are many styles out there to match your décor, or reflect the seasons, from those with a French country house look, to colourful silk flower arrangements. There are some absolutely stunning wreaths out there that will provide an eye-catching focus for your front door and if you have double doors then create a mirror image effect by hanging a wreath on both of them.

  1. Add a bench

Give the impression of having a larger front entrance by installing an attractive garden bench, positioned at the side of the entrance.

  1. Trail some plants

Roses around the door may be a cliché, but there’s something so gorgeous about an entrance framed by plants such as wisteria, ivy and bougainvillea.

  1. Install front door topiaries

These are trees trimmed into a fantastic shapes like pom poms and swirling forms. In fact, front door topiaries are amongst the simplest of front door décor ideas. Position two topiarised plants in terracotta pots, or a funky planter by the front door and voila! You’ve instantly given your front door a summer update.

  1. Add hanging baskets

Summer is happening and really it’s a missed opportunity if you confine all the floral action to the back garden. A couple of lovely hanging baskets at the front door are a simple way to give the entrance of your home some love.

  1. Be imaginative with lighting

A light over the door is not just an essential for door security but it is also a design feature. Position a single one over the door, or lamps either side of the door.

  1. Bring on the statues

If you live in a modest semi a couple of lions by the door might look a bit OTT but the entrance to larger homes can certainly be made more attractive with the addition of a couple of sculptural pieces. They will not only bring a touch of grandeur to the entrance of your home but your choice of sculpture will say something about your taste and personality.


Of course, none of these ideas work if your front door is looking shabby or underwhelming. In fact, if this is the case the first thing you need to do to make your front door more attractive is invest in a new one, so we invite you to check out one of the most stunningly unique collections of front doors.

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