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How to choose a grand entrance door for your home

When choosing the perfect entrance to your home, there’s a lot to consider. You want it to be just right; to say the right thing to passers-by, to give the right first impression to guests and visitors. But where to begin?

Let’s talk through some of the options when choosing entrance doors on the UK market and what is available to you.

Your choices boil down into some overarching categories, such as…


When we think of doors, it’s easy to think of either wood or PVC, as have been common in the UK for years. But there are so many options now, and each have their strengths and drawbacks. It’s worth considering this wider market before jumping on the first thing you see.

Now, composite and metal doors provide their own benefits and present fantastic options to consider.

Wood, while being a trusted material traditionally used to make doors for many years, has many setbacks. It isn’t as strong as some of its manmade alternatives, and it can warp over time if not cared for properly. Wood is also susceptible to mould and rot, being an organic material.

These factors can affect the appearance of the door as well as its ability to seal properly, therefore affecting its insulation.

Metal doors provide a sleek, modern appearance while needing minimal maintenance and providing excellent insulation.


The size of your front door will largely depend on the size of your current entrance, unless you’re having renovations carried out and there’s the opportunity to expand it.

If the space is there, you might opt for a double door entrance as opposed to the classic single door. These kind of grand entrance doors in the UK are somewhat rare, so for those looking to make a strong first impression with the front of their home, double doors in a modern style such as metal will truly stand out and impress.

UK front doors tend to come in standardised sizes, making it easier to measure your existing front door and find something new that will fit in the same space. Sourcing a front door in the same size is the most straightforward way to upgrade yours, but if you’re considering something more grand, looking into the costs of having your entrance renovated to allow for a bigger door is a certain possibility.


There are tons of styles to consider when shopping for a new front door. Metal doors in particular are able to sport different styles of decorative flourish, handle styles, and much more.

You might want clear glass in the door as opposed to frosted or rain-style glass—or no glass at all. If you’re going for double doors, you might want a simple symmetrical style that mirrors the design of one door in the other. Conversely, you might opt for a more complex asymmetrical design that starts on one side and continues on to the other.

With so many options available to match your home, choosing a front door style can be daunting. Remember the first impression, and ask yourself what kind of feeling you want visitors to have when they first see your front door. If you want them to feel welcomed, opt for understated, elegant designs. If you want to impress, then the bigger and more elaborate, the better!


Colour is something that you need to consider in many ways and think about deeply.

Firstly, the base colour of your door will send a message all on its own, and how it contrasts or complements the colour of your house and other décor can change the mood of your grand entrance.

Loud, bold colours like red and yellow will stand out greatly and may be more shocking than welcoming for some. Others may prefer blues, greens, and greys for a calmer and more inviting entrance doors. This is something you might not need worry about if having an unpainted metal door, which has a natural grey colour that is contemporary and sleek on its own.

How to choose the right entrance doors in the UK

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