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Which direction should a front door open?

The front door is the main entrance to a house. It is usually the largest external entrance, and it is one of the main features that enables a property to be singled out from the others which surround it. The front door could be where the postie finds the number of your house, or where a striking design or colour becomes the identifying factor for visitors. Front doors are important for security and also for aesthetic reasons. A beautiful front door is the easiest way to boost kerb appeal and make a great first impression.


Should a front door open left, or right?

How many of us notice which way a door opens? Do the doors in your home swing to the left and the right and does it matter?

In fact, it does. Perhaps not so much for internal doors where the decision is made according to the space they occupy. You don’t want a door to persistently knock into a wall and cause damage to paintwork, or be obstructed in some way if for example, it is a left swing door, so you would opt for a right swing door.

Exterior doors can of course be compromised in the same way internal doors can be, but it’s not usually the case so which way should they move? Left, or right?

Think about how you enter properties. How many doors have you encountered that open outwards, which means they are right hand doors.

Front door opening direction is typically inward for a number of very practical reasons. When the front door opens inward it means it is a left-hand door. Door manufacturers do not often  design exterior doors to swing outward as they could get damaged if left suspended out in the open. An outwardly installed exterior door could also be more exposed to the elements, and if it’s wood, it is likely to become prey to the weather. It will get wet, retain moisture, and eventually become warped. And that will inevitably mean you’ll incur the expense of a replacement.

Another reason for the front door direction to be inward swinging or left-hand is because it gives you greater home security. If your front door is an inward door the hinges will be discreetly hidden away inside the building instead of being on full display outside. Imagine what a temptation it might be to burglars if they can see all the hardware in full view. All they’d have to do is remove the hinges and they’d be able to easily gain access to your house.

Inward opening exterior doors are also safer. If your front door opens outward there’s the danger that it could bang into anyone or anything that is behind it, causing damage or injury.



Front door opening direction is usually outwards, however there are always exceptions to the rule, for example exterior doors in public buildings often open outwards as it makes it much easier for big crowds to escape if there is an emergency.

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