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How to improve your front door noise insulation

Front doors are usually the biggest opening into a property and therefore it’s a given that they can potentially let in more noise.

We may think of soundproofing a house by double glazing windows and insulating wall cavities without giving the main entrance a thought and yet this can be one of the most common ways to let sound into a house.

Even if you are in a relatively quiet location, giving serious thought to the front door will ensure that any ambient outdoor noise is considerably reduced.  

Scientific studies show that noise is harmful and even if you have become used to certain external sounds others may not. In fact, it has been revealed that children’s health and education can be impaired by noise. One study found that aircraft noise damaged the memory of children, and another found that aircraft and car noise put under 10-year-olds under stress. 

So front door noise insulation is certainly a good idea if you want to minimise the effects of noise pollution.

There are various ways to do this, however, the easiest solution is to invest in a new front door. This will instantly improve your front door noise insulation. Unfortunately, not any old new door will do. For example, a hollow core door, although an economical choice, will not be very effective when it comes to blocking out external sound.

Even solid core doors may not provide you with sufficient front door noise insulation either, especially if they are fitted incorrectly.

When investing in a door it needs to be installed with precision. If you choose a high-end solid door, you can be assured that it will look good, be solid enough to reduce noise and fit the entranceway perfectly.

Cost is always a consideration, as the more expensive the door the more likely it will be able to meet all your front door noise insulation needs.

But if you really can’t afford a new door there are adjustments you can make to ensure it is as soundproof as possible.

You can:

  • Tighten up all fittings and screws

If the door doesn’t fit properly you can check to see if the doors have shifted or come loose. If that is the case, tightening fittings and screws may help to make the door fit properly.

  • Block up gaps

Attach a rubber door sweep to the bottom of the door to plug any gaps.

  • Muffle sounds

Hang thick heavy curtains at the back to the door to muffle the sounds outside.

Our world is getting noisier, but you can take steps to make sure your life and wellbeing is impacted by it as little as possible by installing a new front door.

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