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Are front door fire doors more expensive?

A front door fire door is a fire-resistant entrance that has been installed to prevent fire from spreading into other areas of a building such as escape routes and communal rooms.

Front door fire doors are not the same as normal doors as they are specially designed to act as a physical barrier against a blaze. Even if a front door is heavy-duty, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it can protect from a conflagration.

For doors to be fire doors they have to be ultra-strong but not only that they need to be made from fire resistant materials designed to withstand the intensity of an inferno.

Not every front door needs to be a fire door but there are certain instances where fire doors are needed to comply with building regulations. For example, if an external door shares a communal space, a hallway or lobby in an apartment building, then front fire doors are absolutely essential.


How much does a front door fire door cost?

A fire door for flat front door can cost anything from a few hundred pounds to several thousands of pounds. Doors which provide up to 60 minutes of fire protection - known as FD60s cost an average of £475 for example, but really the cost will be determined by the material and design. 

All fire doors must be hung with at least three fire resistant hinges which can withstand heat up to 800 degrees centigrade. The cost will depend on size and brand but on average it will cost around £10-£15.

Most important is your front door fire door installation which should be done by someone skilled and knowledgeable enough to ensure that it functions properly, and this is one area where you should not cut costs.

The Grenfell Tower tragedy has highlighted more than ever the necessity of front fire doors for flats.

“Fire doors play an essential role in preventing or inhibiting the spread of smoke and toxic gases and in preserving the effective compartmentation of buildings.” Was one of the findings of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry in the Phase 1 report.

The Inquiry noted that the fire doors in Grenfell Tower did not, “through damage and/or disrepair, act in the way that they should so that they prevent smoke and gases from spreading.”

As a result of the inquiry, from 23rd January 2023 Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 made it (in apartment blocks over 11 meters in height) a legal requirement for there to be quarterly checks of all fire doors shared by the occupants and annual checks on all flat entrance doors.  

Front fire doors for flats are therefore something that everyone who rents out or who lives in an apartment building needs to prioritise and ensure are fit for purpose.

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