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When Should You Consider Replacing Your Front Door?

We take our front doors for granted most of the time but imagine what life would be like without them. We’d feel vulnerable and insecure and probably have very little privacy.

The front door is one of the most important features of a building in terms of security but it is intrinsic to its aesthetic appeal. You can have beautiful brickwork, or luxurious landscaping but a shabby and underwhelming front door will totally let any bold architectural scheme down. It’s the first impression people get of your home when they come to visit. So while it’s a portal designed for gaining access it’s also a design feature. And our theory is that if you need a new front door, why not make it something worth remarking about? Designer front doors don’t come any more impressive than Valeanto's ranges. These include our Model 111 which is elegantly arched at the top and  Model 290 an enchanting door in black wrought iron. Or why not opt for the sumptuous Model 265 in dark bronze? With their luxurious patterns and beautiful finishes these are front doors created to last and retain their elegant beauty for many more years to come.

Not only that but due to their durability, wrought iron front doors can better safeguard your home. Even in extreme weather conditions, they can protect your door from the damage from objects and debris and their strength is sure to deter the most ardent burglar.

Five signs your front door needs replacing


1. The door is damaged

    Clearly if your front door has suffered some kind of damage then a front door replacement is necessary. Basically if your door has become warped or is falling apart in some way then it is obvious that a new one is needed. A damaged front door will certainly give the impression you don’t care about what your property looks like and it is a potential security hazard. Your personal safety and that of your family, as well as your possessions will almost certainly be at risk if your front door has become damaged in some way. 

    Most front doors, such as composite front doors or those made of wood are likely to fall into disrepair eventually. Wood can be treated and looked after but over the years it will succumb to environmental factors, chiefly moisture from the elements. The Great British climate isn’t kind to the wooden front door and rain and damp, combined with the heat of the sun can cause it to become misshapen. When a door gets warped it will eventually let in draughts and that will impact on your energy efficiency. Truth is, if there’s any damage a front door replacement is essential.


    2. It’s not doing its job

      It’s funny how when something in the house isn’t quite right it eventually falls off our  radar. We just don’t notice it any more! The squeaky stair you’ve got used to stepping over, the shower head that keeps falling off its hook, the things we have every intention to fix but never do. But when a front door becomes a problem it’s time for a change. If a door doesn’t open or close properly then it’s not doing its job. If it sticks in winter and is easy to open in summer then all the energy is likely to be leaking out and that will cost you money in the long term. Something we are especially conscious of in these days of high energy prices. Plus, pulling at a door which sticks when someone calls doesn’t exactly give the right impression and it could become very, very annoying after a while.


      3. Aesthetics

      Another sign that you need a replacement front door is if yours is old fashioned and not in keeping with the rest of your home, or dare we say it, downright ugly. We change our kitchens and bathrooms when they become outdated, or don’t match the style of property so why not the front door?  Yes looks matter and whether you plan to end your days in your forever home or are thinking of eventually selling your property, a handsome front door is a major asset. The front door is the first thing that will impress your visitors, it sets the whole tone for the rest of the home, so investing in a replacement front door is a savvy thing to do, as it will not only add dramatic beauty to its kerb appeal but will increase your energy efficiency and make you feel more secure. Take a look at one of our most stunning designs: Model 310 with its elegant ironwork in black and gold. It’s a door that adds the kind of grandeur to a property that you just cannot achieve with an aluminium, wooden, or composite front door. But even a single iron door like the Model 110, is a finely rendered feature that will completely transform your home’s facade. Our single doors such as Model 150 are also perfect if your residence has a side entrance and you want a look that is in keeping with door at the front of the house.


      4. Your door is not secure

      So, you have the kind of front door you feel you can give a slight shove to and it will open. Brilliant if you’re always forgetting your keys and don’t mind giving an open invitation to burglars, not so great if you value your security and that of your family. A door that cannot be made secure is one you need to replace. And if you are looking for the safest front door on the market then the wrought iron door is for you. Other designer front doors may have their charms but iron doors are incredible. Their strength is what makes them the perfect material if you are looking for security as well as that all-important designer statement. They are durable and resistant to moisture, rot and any nasty little creatures who might think nothing of burrowing through your door. If secure is what you want, our ranges deliver.


      5. Squeaky hinges

        OK this may on the surface not seem like the most radical reason for a replacement front door as often a noisy hinge can easily be remedied with a squirt of oil but don’t be fooled into complacency. A noisy hinge may actually be a sign that your front door is in need of replacement. Hinges that are damaged may erode the fabric of the door for example, and once the hinges are damaged they can make a building easy to break into. You may think the answer is to replace loose hinges but often the best and most secure option is a replacement front door.


        What is involved in front door replacement?

        If you have decided upon replacement front doors the first thing you need to consider is the kind of style statement you want to make. Our doors are not for people looking for a discreet entrance but if it’s longevity, peace of mind and fantastic design you are looking for then you have come to the right place. Choose a  front door with the wow factor of Model 241 for example and you’ll be increasing the property’s kerb appeal in spades. In addition you’ll boost its thermal efficiency and help you save money on your utility bills.

        You also need to decide upon what size of door you require. You don’t want your front door to be out of proportion to your home, but even one of our single designs such as the Model 150 will pack a designer punch. Of course if the property is big enough you could opt for an oversized double door. This will definitely be the option for anyone wanting to create a more imposing entrance. Oh and it will be the perfect way to increase its accessibility for people wheeling in prams and wheelchairs etc. The choice of an oversized door will mean that the space where it will be secured will have to be opened up, so building work will be involved.  Naturally, this will add to the cost but let’s face it, if you are renovating your property and really want it to look incredible then of course a project of this kind will be entirely worth the money and the effort.

        You may also decide that you want to retain the same size of door, in which case, the building work will not be as invasive. Be prepared for lots of measuring, removal of the existing pre hung unit before the installation begins. Front door replacement involves the door, the frame, locks and door furniture so be mindful that it is not a straightforward like-for-like job.

        Our doors require expert installation which if you consider their high configuration is only to be expected. Installing replacement front doors yourself is not a task you should take on lightly as any measurement that is slightly out will have a huge impact on its looks and functionality.


        Have we convinced you that an iron door will not only transform the look of your property but it could actually afford you greater security and energy efficiency? A beautifully designed iron door is a luxury you need in your life. It exudes a timeless elegance, it brings the wow factor and it has durability. Our range of front doors will never fail to impress, whether it’s a single door that oozes class, or a super sized double door to create a grand entrance. We are the experts when it comes to iron doors and will deliver and install them for you wherever you live in the UK So what are you waiting for? Why not discover your dream replacement door right here.

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