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How much does it cost to get a whole new door?

Many things in the home can be repaired, patched up, and given a fresh lick of paint when the time comes. However, sometimes it’s simply that the time has come to get a replacement.

Getting a new front door is a great opportunity to ensure the front of your home and the main entry to your living space is exactly as you want it. However, there’s also your budget to consider, especially if you’ll also be paying fitting costs. So, all in all, how much is a new front door?

How to choose a new front door

Choosing a new front door will come with a laundry list of considerations, and high up on this list will initially be the question of what it’s actually going to look like. After all, this is what attracts us to any decorative element of our homes—it has to look good to us, otherwise why choose it?

While this is certainly important for your front door, making the first impression that it does, you can’t (or rather, shouldn’t) only factor aesthetics into your choice.

You also need to consider:


A UPVC front door will often cost less than a composite, both of which typically won’t cost as much as a high-quality metal door. Asking ‘how much does a front door cost’ is pointless unless you know what you need your front door to include and what design features you’re looking for.

Be wary that, when buying a door, you know whether you’re simply buying the door itself or if you’re also paying for a frame and installation. If you’re hoping to have your new door fitted upon delivery, you might be drastically disappointed when it arrives and the delivery drivers wave goodbye!

Double doors will cost more than a single front door, so considering the size of entry you need is also vital.


Your front door needs to keep the warmth in and hold fast against strong winds and chilly rains, so a well-insulated design is vital. Many modern doors use thermally efficient materials as infills to help in this regard, which is particularly handy for UK homes that face very chilly temps over winter.

Some styles of door might initially seem bad for insulation due to their materials. An iron door may first seem like a poor choice for insulation—with many metals being notoriously effective thermal conductors—but the clever design of modern metal doors actually makes them incredibly good for insulation.


We all want our front doors to lock with a hearty ‘click’ in the evenings, but a good secure door is more than just having a decent lock.

There’s no questioning the durability of a multi-layered metal door, which will resist corrosion and weathering as well as physical force. Additionally, extra security design features such as flush bolts and tempered double-glazed glass make your front door a worthy guardian to your home.

A pretty and affordable door might be tempting, but security absolutely must be considered. If it’s easily compromised, your home is open to theft, vandalism, and more.

How much does a front door cost?

That depends on several factors, the first and most relevant being material.

Wooden doors can be extremely affordable starting at around £200, but such options should be regarded with a hearty and healthy critical eye for all of the considerations we stated above. While a cheap door might be suitable to use as a front door in the strictest sense—fitting into a doorframe and serving the basic job—you may come to regret ever having it installed. You get what you pay for!

Hardwood doors with substantial durability exist, and the cost of these are closer to £1,000 and beyond.

UPVC doors are a common option in the UK thanks to their good insulation, durability, and low maintenance. However, they’re about as bland as front doors come, being mostly white or off-white plastic with oft-tiny windows embedded. If you’re looking for an effective budget option for around £300 - £900, then go for it.

But if you want something that makes an impression whilst still being strong and warm, then iron doors are a no-brainer. How much is a front door when it uses something like metal? Not as much as you might think.

Metal doors are as tough as they come, and that’s not all. They’re modern, sleek, and can be customised with scroll art features, bespoke handles, and more.

Metal doors can be bought for as little as around £2,500, more affordable than many high-end hardwood doors for all the benefits of incredible staying power. By budgeting for professional installation as well, you can ensure that your new metal door won’t suffer from amateur mistakes and functions exactly as it should.

Where can I buy a metal front door in the UK?

Iron doors may not be as common as their plastic and wooden counterparts, but they can still be easily sourced by those who want their superior quality and finish on their home.

Valeanto’s Iron Doors benefits from real experience and a passion for superior service. Why not arrange a visit to our Harlow showroom, or just get the ball rolling with a chat about that front door you’ve been thinking of?

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