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How do you burglar-proof a front door?

When you consider that more than half (58.7%) of burglars enter the home via the front door, it becomes clear that one of the biggest deterrents if you want to avoid a break in is a burglar-proof front door.

The aim of the burglar is to gain swift and easy entry into a property and while the popular image is of the cat burglar scaling walls and climbing through windows the reality is much more simple - if possible, enter by the front door.

In many cases, an opportunistic thief may simply turn the handle, or nudge the door and enter the property, but they won’t necessarily be deterred if they find it is locked because they’ll be experts when it comes to gaining access.

A burglar proof front door is one that can withstand forced entry. The antithesis of this is a door that can easily be kicked or shoved open. An old wooden door that has been worn away by use and weather will probably give way with a hefty push for example. Most burglars will understand how vulnerable the front door can be and exploit its weaknesses to their fullest advantage.

The truth is many doors may look the part, but they will not necessarily be fit for purpose if that purpose is security.

The burglar proof front door UK should be able to stand up to the extreme weather conditions that can result in doors becoming warped and ill-fitting and therefore perfect to bust open and be strong enough to accommodate the requisite security features.

The more solid the door, the more secure it will be. Burglars who see a heavy wooden door or a wrought iron door will be more reluctant to try to break in at the front of your home if they see a door as a challenge.

Some doors are hollowed out and will be easy to smash into, while a solid door will be built to withstand a certain amount of force.

Doors with old, weak or locks that are faulty will also be an invitation to burglars. The area where the deadbolt lock inserts into the doorjamb is one of the door’s most vulnerable points and can be used to gain access.


How do you burglar proof a front door?

  1. Ensure the door is made of a solid material. Installing quality iron doors would dissuade a burglar from breaking into your home.
  2. Replace a door that has fallen into disrepair, become warped and weakened.
  3. Ensure locks are fit for purpose and that burglars are unable to access the door’s vulnerable points.
  4. The more imposing a door is the more of a deterrent it will be to a burglar.
  5. As well as installing a solid door, a burglar proof front door will also make use of other security devices such as motion-activated lighting and security cameras as they also discourage possible intruders from breaking in.

If you are looking to ramp up your security with a burglar proof front door you may want to consider the beautiful wrought iron designs by Valeanto’s iron Doors.

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