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Are luxury front doors worth it?

When considering whether to make changes at home, or if you’re building a dream property, a luxury front door is one way to make an impact.  

Luxury front doors for homes date back thousands of years. Well, something had to keep marauders out!

Early doors made in plywood fashion were held together with steel studs, and reinforced with steel bands in a tour de force of craftsmanship.

The next time you visit a stately home or castle, pay special attention to the entrance. You’ll find doors resplendent with Gothic detail, majestic doors with high canopies, doors enriched with bas reliefs and elaborate borders.

A fancy front door might not be as high on the list as a new kitchen or additional bathroom when thinking of future home renovation, but you shouldn’t underestimate the significant wow factor that it can have.


What makes a front door luxurious?

There are several materials that will work well for an entrance, like uPVC, timber and aluminium.

However, luxury external doors are about more than just functionality.

The average front door, no matter what it is made from, shares a similar aesthetic as the one next door.

The differences may be in the way they are finished, or in a choice of door furniture, but essentially they will have a traditional kind of design.

A luxury front door, on the other hand, makes a statement on its own; think a suit from Savile Row rather than one off the peg.

It will fit better, be designed to complement the façade of the home, and create a talking point as much as it will be a focal point.

A beautiful front door will exude elegance and will add value to your property. And even if you are not intent on selling right now, you can be assured that a fancy front door will impress any potential buyers in the future.


Six things that make a front door luxurious

  1. Eye-catching good looks

Luxury front doors for homes will always be about the way they look. The elegance of their design and the fine details are certainly important. This is one addition that will make your home look impressively grand, dare we even say imposing, which is exactly what you want if you wish to optimise your security.

  1. They are made from luxury material

When it comes to luxury, there’s no room for budget materials such as uPVC or composite because they will only ever be a cost-conscious option. Luxury front doors are on another level in terms of design and durability. A door that has been hand-crafted and includes exquisite ornamental iron work will not only elevate the look of a property, it will continue to provide a wow factor for decades to come.

  1. They can be created to fit any entrance

Luxury external doors can be either single or double in size. If your home is big enough to take them, double front doors form an impressive design feature that is also highly practical when it comes to moving bulky furnishings in and out of the property.

  1. Superb functionality

A luxury front door will be designed to ensure that you feel safe and secure, but there are other factors you may wish to consider. Let us look at light.

Most of us want an interior to be bright and airy, and maximising the amount of light being brought into a home is a top priority. This is where luxury front doors are an asset.

A modern luxury door can be designed to let light in but provide security too.

Valeanto’s iron doors are constructed so that the glass is hinged and can be opened independently of the iron work.

This makes them easy to clean and allows light and breeze to flow indoors while still barring intruders from entering your home.

If the height of your entrance allows, you can add sidelights and a transom to bring in even more natural light.

  1. Their uniqueness

A luxury front door by its nature should be designed specifically to suit your home and any requirements you have.

Wrought iron delivers in style and different colours; you can add features like transoms and choose either single or double doors.

Your luxury double doors communicate to visitors what to expect on the inside, so it makes sense that the design should complement the interior.

The beauty of a wrought iron door is that it works for any kind of property, from a city centre apartment to a manor house in the country.

Put simply, this is timeless design.

  1. Help with insulation

Most front doors are now constructed with insulation in mind.

The density of metal ensures that even high-speed winds can’t penetrate the material, and an inner layer of high-density polyurethane foam lends that extra bit of insulation to keep the chill at bay.

Valeanto’s Iron Doors sees that its range is tested for a wide range of climates, ensuring they’re not just a niche option for those living in high heat or freezing temperatures – they can serve all kinds of homes, even those that see fluctuating weather all year round.

Our products have passed all of the required inspections here in the UK, where we’re fitting an increasing number, and iron doors are sold across the US regardless of climate – from the coldest states to the hottest.


How much do luxury front doors cost (on average)?

Undoubtedly, luxury front doors for homes are… well, a luxury.

If you are budget conscious, be warned, they don’t come cheap. Single doors will on average cost you just short of £3,000 while the price tag for double doors will be an average of £5,000. 

But aside from ramping up a property’s wow factor, like most things of quality they are built to last and will save you money in the long run.

You may be paying a lot up front, but this is a forever door.

You’ll save money on repair, replacement and upkeep and you are investing in you and your family’s safety and security.

Are luxury front doors worth it?

Decide for yourself by taking a look at Valeanto’s stunning collection of luxury front doors.

We are sure you’ll be smitten!

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